Transformational Coaching

Do you want to heal your pain, ease the struggle and step into a life with more joy and fulfilment? 

My mission is to help you transform from the inside out, so that you can build the life of your dreams, whilst loving where (and more importantly, who) you are right now. When you change what you're experiencing on the inside, you will soon see the changes reflected on the outside.

I'm here to help you tune into what matters and transcend your struggles so that you can get on with living the life you want to live. I believe everyone has something of value to bring to the planet. I want to help you feel and perform better but for the right reasons, knowing that you're already enough

Contact me to book your session now and discover what could transform for you. 


Alongside my general coaching practice, I have specific experience  in:

- University students
- I have extensive experience of working in wellbeing to support students to succeed in their studies.
- Performing artists/musicians
- Psylogia is great for unlocking creativity and working with performance anxiety. I am passionate about music and am trained in Performing Arts Medicine. 
- Those experiencing health difficulties/burnout and their carers
 - I have experience of handling burnout and stress related illnesses, functional neurological disorder and non-epileptic seizures. I can offer support and empathy to carers and my knowledge of such conditions informs my approach in helping you either as a carer or the person dealing with the struggle of illness, pain and fatigue.


I practice mindfulness and meditation and can help you to develop your own practice. I regularly practice meditation, favouring my own mindfulness practices and also meditations by Dr Joe Dispenza. If you are into personal development and feel you have already done a lot of 'the work', the Psylogia method can help you to deepen your spiritual practice by offering profound and unexpected insights and healing. Not only can it lead you to a greater sense of peace, but it can also be used to help you set goals, visualise your future and experience real transformation.


I am very flexible in how I work. Whether you want to try a single session of Psylogia or Access Bars or you want ongoing coaching support while you make the changes you need to thrive, give me a call. My approach is particularly well suited to phone sessions so international clients are welcome and contact can be made via FaceTime/Skype or Messenger voice calls.

To find out more, just give me a call on 07980 229206 or email me on

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