It is in everyone’s nature to thrive given the right conditions; my mission is to create a sacred place for you to do just that.

I integrate tools to help you heal your heart, mind and soul, freeing you up to grow into all that you are waiting to become.

I work holistically, from the mindset through to the soul, always drawing on my rich and varied experience and treading the boards between coach, therapist and holistic healer.

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What I Do

I integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with an extensive toolbox gained from years of experience in mindfulness, wellbeing and psychology. ACT helps you break out of the battle in your mind, live in awareness and get back into your life. I combine this with the Psylogia method, a form of alternative psychology that can bring transformation, psychological relief and deep insights in a single session. I am also an Access Bars practitioner and use the verbal tools from Access along with body processes to help you heal on another level.

I work with adults aged 18+ and have specialist experience in helping: 

  • Performing artists, writers, creative types and musicians 

  • Meditators, dreamers and manifesters

  • People with health conditions, burnout and overwhelm as well as carers

  • University students

  • Anyone facing the challenges of what it means to be human

If you want to find out how I can help you, I offer a free initial phone call to find out more and explore your challenges. I offer stand-alone sessions and coaching packages and always strive to offer flexibility, openness and compassion. To find out more and to book a session, contact me on:

07980 229 206.

Wishing you an amazing future!

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