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This is a short post for the curious-of-mind to share a little about me, my background and perspective and why I’m sharing this blog.

In my writing, as with my client work, I truly value  humanity and openness. It takes a huge amount of courage and strength to be open, to be honest and to lay ourselves bare. It can be even harder to do in a society that does not always value or encourage openness and vulnerability. As with so many things, it comes back to the why…why am I sharing? It’s important to consider your motivations, and not to share out of a need to feed the ego, but equally not to hold back when sharing will help others and the only reason not to is fear or vulnerability. But even when done for the right reasons, putting yourself out there can feel like a rollercoaster at times – moving from “yeah, I gotta share this!” to “uh oh, what have I said?!…Will people approve?!..Have I put my foot in it?!” It’s a challenge to detach from the ego and the fears for the sake of speaking your truth.

In my work, particularly when working with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT for short), the aim is often to help people face their fears and strive for a meaningful life – one that’s worth living, despite the fear and pain that may come attached! For me, a meaningful life involves sharing what I’ve learnt, through a lifetime of self-development and psychological exploration. And that is why I’m writing this blog! Despite the emotional rollercoaster that it will no doubt put me through, I believe strongly in practicing what I preach and facing the fear for the sake of sharing and connecting with others.

I believe in people, and that people are beautiful. And we are most beautiful when we are free to be ourselves, and don’t have to hide behind a facade of being the ‘perfect person’. Social media has a lot to answer for! So, in the interests of being open, human, sharing what I have learnt to help others and practicing what I preach, I can’t wait to get blogging!

Oh, and there’s one other thing. I hugely value the idea of adventure, and of trusting in life’s infinitely unfolding twists and turns, and I love the idea of taking a step and not knowing where it will lead. So this blog epitomises that for me, as I have no set plan of where it will lead; all I know is I’m excited to take the step and I would love to have readers join me on the journey.

So thank you! I’m honoured to share it with you…

Welcome! The journey begins…
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