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Here you will find all sorts of useful resources, links and goodies to help with your health and wellness…and a little bit of rock and roll.
Because that’s how I roll.

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Awesome Books

Russ Harris – The Happiness Trap. An excellent introduction to ACT and how we can find fulfillment amidst the struggles of being human.

Mark Williams and Danny Penman – Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World. A self-help course with audio CD to learn mindfulness,

I owe a lot to Joe Dispenza and his mind-blowing meditations! For the more spiritually minded amongst you, this is a must-read! 

Michael Singer – The Untethered Soul. Possibly the best book I’ve ever read on understanding the mind and humanity from a spiritual perspective. 

Clean and Detox Living

This daylight/SAD light wakes me up in the morning – I swear by it in winter.  

Love this HEPA filter for keeping the air fresh and circulating and potentially helpful with allergies and dust too.

OK, we’re talking big bucks here. But this is the real deal when it comes to filtered water. They don’t come much better than this. 

This is an aluminium free deoderant that actually works for me – I’ve tried many that don’t. Let it melt in the pit before you spread it…simples!

From detox to retox...

It's only rock and roll but I like it.

I like it so much, I co-wrote a book on it. You can buy the Guitarist’s Solo and Songwriting Companion here!

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