New motivation…

Thank you so much for the healing you gave me. After feeling very anxious and tense for so long it was amazing when I left you after my healing session. I felt very, very relaxed and light. It seemed like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Weeks later, I still feel relaxed and much less anxious. I also feel more motivated generally and a lot more positive than I have felt in a very long time…I can highly recommend Access Bars healing, you were meant to do this…

Tracey A

Have you met Sarah?!

If you ever watched the television show “How I Met Your Mother” and the repeated line of “Haaaaave you met Ted?”… you will get the humor in my following reference!


She is:
Well Trained

A definite asset to your life journey no matter what level of evolution you have reached.
I had a session with her today and I cannot adequately express with words how amazing it was. I met an “aspect” of myself… and it was “on” from that moment forward!┬áNo matter what you think you know… you owe it to your future self to see what information you are either missing or not re-membering!

Thank you Sarah for being such an asset to my journey! HUGE hugs!

Debbie K

In your corner…

You’re the first person of all the professionals I’ve seen who seems to be 100% in her corner. Thank you for looking after my sister – it’s good to know she’s in safe hands.

Name witheld

Great vibrations…

From miles away I feel your enthusiasm for life, I feel your desire to uplift, I feel your intentions of love. I love that you are inspiring so many…I feel your energy. Keep on going Sarah – whether you know this or not – you are a leader in our times!

Shanti A

Between the lines…

Sarah is a wonderfully intuitive Transformational Coach, she “listens between the lines” and asks just the right questions! I gained clarity over a decision I was feeling very scattered about, and have made a move towards a new career path. Sarah is passionate about and dedicated to helping people.

Leanne L
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